How to spend your days in New York City.

How to spend your days in New York City.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from below

New York holds a special place in my heart. Although My wife is from Chicago and we go there more often, New York is number one in my heart. I admit, to not visiting New York as much as I would like to but, recently we drove to the city after our trip to D.C and Philadelphia. If you have not read about our visit to D.C and Philly here is a link that will direct you to it. Must do things on your visit to the U.S capital and Unusual attractions to do and see when visiting Philadelphia.

You probably already know enough of New York City without me having to go into a deep, fancy description about it. When most people think about the United States, their mind automatically shifts to New York. You have heard about it in hundreds of songs. Its streets have been featured in thousands of movies. You have read about it in many books. The United States have many extraordinary places to visit, but New York is number one on most people’s bucket list. There is no secret why it is the most visited city in the United States. As far as our visit go, below are some of the attractions and things we recommend.

What To Do

World Trade Center Memorial & Museum- September 11, 2001, will forever be a date that Americans and people from around the world will never forget. This Memorial & Museum is probably one of the most emotional museums we have visited so make sure you bring some tissues. The cost of admission is $24. Here you will find pieces of the buildings, belongings of those that we lost. you will also hear some recordings leading to the attack and watch videos on what happened. Tragedies such as this one do show a good side of humanity. Learning how everybody helped each other despite the circumstances will move you. 



One of the memorial fountains on one world trade.


One world Trade Center and The Oculus- 13 years after 9/11, Freedom Tower finally opened to the public. There are many places in the city to watch amazing views, however, for just $34 dollars you can purchase tickets to the observatory on the 100th floor of the Freedom Tower. After taking in the incredible views of the city make sure to walk over to the Oculus. The Oculus opened in August 2016. You should visit this futuristic looking, 100 retail store mall, Even if you are not in the mood for walking.

One World TradeInside the OculusThe Oculus and The Freedom Tower

Grand Central Station – The train is my recommended form of transportation unless you want to waste hours in traffic. If not, you should rethink that. This historic building, aside from Penn Station and a few others, is one of the busiest, most recognized train station in the United States. There are shops, restaurants and even tours that you can take to learn about the history here.

Grand Central Station

Time Square – I do not have much to say about time square but, if you are visiting New York City, you just have to come here. There are restaurants, shops, and signs, a lot of them. Most people, however, come here for selfies to post on social media. It is the cool things to do. Make sure to visit the wax museum and the beautiful KnickerBocker Hotel.

Time Square     

There is obviously hundreds of things you can see and do in New York City. Unfortunately for us, last time we went the weather was horrible. I will give you some ideas, however, I do not have pictures of the following things.

Central Park – You probably already know enough about this park to write it on your to-do list. This park is 2.5 miles long so make sure you bring some comfortable shoes. You can hike, bike, ride a boat on the lake, and even visit the Zoo. All around Central Park, you will find some of the best museums in the world.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – If you are into weird painting on the wall and you can actually understand what you are looking at. Then MoMA is a must for you. It is one of the best museums in the world.

American Museum of Natural History – This is the museum featured in the movie with ben Stiller and Robin Williams, Night at the Museum. If you saw the movie you already know about all the cool exhibits that are to be found here.

Statue of Liberty – Of course, I did not forget the Statue of Liberty, the beautiful gift from the people of France. You can visit the grounds, the pedestal or climb the steps to the crown. When reserving tickets, make sure to also get the Hard Hat tour of Ellis Island.

Empire State building at NightHod Dog Stands at Rockefeller. One world trade skylineSeeing through Brooklyn Bridge

Yankee Stadium


  • As soon as you get the dates for your visit to New York, make sure you reserve tickets for Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They tend to get sold out pretty quickly. Also, try to get on the first cruise to the island.
  • I already mentioned this before but, if you are visiting in a rental, leave it parked somewhere. There are better ways to travel here, train being my number one choice to avoid the notorious New York traffic.
  • New York is famous for its Pizza. If you are walking down 14th street in East Village, make sure to get your slice of the Artichoke pizza at Artichoke Basile.
  • If you are staying in Brooklyn, which is my recommendation. Make sure to visit Industry 1332 for some of the best food around. Thank me later!

There you have it, New York is amazing despite, what you make hear or see on TV. You can spend weeks and even months and still not experience everything in New York. Feel free to comment and let us know what your favorite thing to do in New York. After our visit to the Big Apple, we drove to Quebec, Canada. The next blog will talk about one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.












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